CISO Retail Europe Roundtable Dinner | Nov. 8, 2018 | London, UK



Why Internet Connected Storage is Becoming the Most Dangerous Cybersecurity Blind Spot

Executive Boardroom - 3:40 pm - 4:05 pm

To keep pace with the speed of digital transformation, enterprises are compelled to enable the shareability of even their most sensitive information, both within and beyond their network perimeter. Accordingly, enterprises are steadily increasing their use of internet connected storage, as are the third-party vendors that service them. Yet IT departments remain fixated on the robustness of their network perimeter, and overlook the significant risks of data leaks from connected storage. Connected storage devices are especially prone to data leakage, due to a combination of poor security configurations, user negligence, and opportunistic threat actors. The risk to enterprises escalates as they share more data with third-party vendors using such devices. In this session, we will discuss the nature of the information that is commonly leaked from connected storage, the ways that information might be exploited, and best practices to mitigate risks. 


  • Understand the risks of data leaks from connected storage  
  • Learn how third-party vendors potentiate data leakage risks 
  • Discover research findings from extensive connected storage scans 
  • Obtain strategies to mitigate the risks of connected storage data leaks

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